Halloween Candle Tins Set

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"Ghost & goblins, spooks galore. Cackling witches at your door. Jack O' Lanterns shinning bright, wishing you a haunting night!"

Can't decide which ghoulish scent to get? Well, with our candle sample set, you don't have to choose! You get all 5 of our Halloween scents in 5 oz. matte black candle tins. The scents include:

Hallows Eve ~ Pumpkin, Autumnal spices, charred marshmallow & fresh baked cinnamon buns

Midnight Seance ~ Ancient earth, damp wood & charred firewood.

Salem Nights ~ Wet leaves, Autumnal spices, crisp, woodsy evening musk

Sleepy Hollow ~ Dark, billowing fog, brimstone forged metal and scorched wood from the haunted forest.

Witching Hour ~ Dried peel flesh of citrus, dripping caramel apple, puffed vanilla cream & crystalized sugar.

Tins: 5oz


*Any slight discoloration in wax is due to the essential oils in the fragrance. All glitter toppings are eco-friendly, bio-degradable glitter.