Multi-Skull Pillar Candle

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These unscented pillar candles feature small skulls covering the entire circumference, reminding us of the Catacombs in Paris. These candles are made from palm wax (ethically sourced, of course!), which causes a shimmery, crystallized effect. These will not burn like traditional candles that have an even melt pool at the top. When lit (over time), the flame will tunnel straight down which can cause an eerie glowing effect.

These are perfect for altars, ritual work, or just as a decorative piece to create ambiance.

*Please note: Candy Corn option is seasonal & only available between Aug-Nov. For custom color, please indicate it in the notes section at check out.

Size: (Approx.) 4”x3”x3.5”

WARNING: These are free standing pillar candles (no vessel), please use heat/fire safe candle holder before lighting to catch the melted wax.

*Remember to always trim your wicks before every burn to ensure the best melt results.