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“Absinthe is the aphrodisiac of the self. The green fairy, who lives in the absinthe, wants your soul. But you are safe with me." ~ Bram Stokers' Dracula.

Absinthe is a strong alcoholic spirit that is known for it's anise flavor,  bright green coloring & popularity with artists. It is made from botanicals & herbs such as anise, fennel, wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) &, the controversial additive, thujone. It was strongly believed that this additive was extremely dangerous due to it's hallucinogenic effects which is what caused the Absinthe ban in Europe & the U.S. in 1915. After many years of research & testing, the ban was lifted in the 1990's & can now be found all over the world.

This scent is a well balanced combination of star anise, fennel, spicy cinnamon, fresh green herbal notes and amber.


*Any slight discoloration in the wax is due to the essential oils in the fragrance