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Crescent Moon Pillar Candle 14oz

Crescent Moon Pillar Candle 14oz

Hey Moonchild, this one’s for you! The moon holds so much energy, mystery and magic which is why so many are attracted to it. So, whether you’re doing moon rituals, decorating your altar or simply want a unique candle, then this crescent moon pillar is perfect.

This unscented crescent moon candle is made from palm wax which causes a unique shimmery, crystallization. So, no two will ever have the same exact pattern, making each a one of a kind.

These are perfect for altars, ritual work, or just as a decorative piece to create ambiance.

WARNING: These are free standing candles (no vessel), please use heat/fire safe candle holder before lighting.

*Remember to always trim your wicks before every burn to ensure the best melt results.

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