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'Tis a dark & stormy All Hallow's eve. You & your friends decide to venture out to the old, abandoned Manor on the hill. Flashlights in hand, you make your way through old iron gates, creep through the old family cemetery on the grounds & climb through the side windows of the house. You shine your light around the main room with a grand stair case leading up. As you slowly make your way around, the air changes, the Full moon is covered in clouds & the thunder rolls in. You can smell the decrepit, earth, wet moss and remnants of smoke from a fireplace. Then you hear it. It sounds like movement, maybe a faint whisper. Then you feel it. Eyes watching you & following your every move. Then you see it. The billowing specter floating down the stairs and.... you & your friends are barrelling out the front door.

Notes of sandalwood, oakmoss, cinnamon, cloves & scorched, smokey firewood are blended together to create this ghostly essence.


*Any slight discoloration in the wax is due to the essential oils in the fragrance